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About LymphVision

LymphVision is a respected provider of specialist lymphoedema and lipoedema services, based in Staffordshire. We offer a range of assessments, treatments and imaging services to give the most comprehensive, advanced and effective treatment solutions, delivered by a team of leading experts.


We combine exceptional patient care, comprehensive lymphoedema support and world leading experience and knowledge in order to provide advanced lymphatic imaging and excellent lymphoedema services.

“Because people living with lymphatic conditions deserve better”
Our promise to you

Our mission is simple, we want to help you live the best life you can lead, however that looks for you, without your lymphoedema standing in your way.

We believe we can achieve this by always working towards our main objectives:

Give you control:

  • We want you to understand your own lymphoedema, know what it means and importantly what it responds to.

  • We want to empower you with the knowledge and tools that you need to effectively and safely self-manage your lymphoedema.

  • We want to help you become your own expert, (even your own therapist if you want!) and become independent.

  • We support and encourage education and awareness of lymphoedema, not just to you but your caregivers, GP and the general public. We want lymphoedema on everyones adgenda.

Give you the best care:

  • We want to give you the best lymphoedma care that you can receive.

  • You will only be seen by leading experts and highly trained professionals and we will always treat you with dignity and respect.

  • Our clinics are maintained to the highest standards and we use the latest range of treatment tools and assessment devices.

  • We will go above and beyond to ensure our service is safe, clean and well-managed.

  • We will give you unlimited support. Your care hasn't ended just because your appointment has. You can contact us at any point for help advice and support. We are here for you.

Doctor and Patient

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