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LymphVision is a premier provider of lymphoedema services. Offering a range of assessment tools, treatments and Imaging services you can be sure of the most comprehensive, advanced and effective services, delivered by a team of leading experts.

From our clinic in Staffordshire, we aim to combine exceptional patient care, comprehensive lymphoedema support and world leading experience and knowledge in order to provide the country’s finest lymphatic imaging and lymphoedema services.

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JANE WIGG MSc, RGN, leads our incredible team of lymphologists and healthcare professionals. Jane has been working in lymphoedema for over 25 years and is well known for her encyclopedic knowledge of all things lymph!

Jane is internationally recognised for her work in lymphoedema and her research has been published and presented worldwide. Jane is a global, multi-award winner and she is passionate about innovations, raising awareness, teaching and education, advancing treatments and improving patient care.
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Our Promise

Our mission is simple, we want to help you live the best life you can lead, however that looks for you, without your lymphoedema standing in your way.

We believe we can achieve this by always working towards our main objectives:

Give you control:

  • We want you to understand your own lymphoedema, know what it means and importantly what it responds to.
  • We want to empower you with the knowledge and tools that you need to effectively and safely self-manage your lymphoedema.
  • We want to help you become your own expert, (even your own therapist if you want!) and become independent.
  • We support and encourage education and awareness of lymphoedema, not just to you but your caregivers, GP and the general public. We want lymphoedema on everyones adgenda.

Give you the best care:

  • We want to give you the best lymphoedma care that you can receive.
  • You will only be seen by leading experts and highly trained professionals and we will always treat you with dignity and respect.
  • Our clinics are maintained to the highest standards and we use the latest range of treatment tools and assessment devices.
  • We will go above and beyond to ensure our service is safe, clean and well-managed.
  • We will give you unlimited support. Your care hasn’t ended just because your appointment has. You can contact us at any point for help advice and support. We are here for you.


Lymphoedema Assessment
We aim to combine exceptional patient care, comprehensive lymphoedema support and world leading experience and knowledge in order to provide the country’s finest lymphatic imaging and lymphoedema services.

ICG Lymphatic Imaging
Imaging to map your unique lymphatics in real-time providing valuable insight and a bespoke lymphatic mapping plan, to assist with lymphatic drainage, with the aim of achieving improved outcomes and effective self-management.

Lymphatic Screening
A comprehensive ICG screening programme for early detection of lymphoedema, for those at risk of developing the condition.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Manual lymphatic drainage with a highly skilled and certified fluoroscopy guided (FG-MLD®) therapist, a researched and effective method of MLD with proven results.

Our highly trained and expertly skilled therapists have access to an extensive range of products, devices and innovative techniques to effectively carry out a comprehensive management and reduction plan.
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ICG Imaging

What is ICG Imaging?

Advancements in technology have made it possible for us to visualise the lymphatics in real-time. Using a special camera, and an injection of fluorescent medical dye, we can see the lymphatic vessels and lymph fluid in the the tissue. This allows us to identify how they are working, where they are draining to and any lymphatic failure.

Our ICG Lymphography clinics use unique protocols which were established by Professor JP Belgrado at the Brussels Lymphology Research Unit. Our procedure allows us to assess your full lymphatic status by the visualising and ‘mapping’ of your lymphatic pathways. This allows for tailored treatment plans and enhanced lymphatic drainage.

Combined with Fluoroscopy Guided Manual Lymphatic Drainage (FG-MLD ) and Self Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) is designed to provide faster results and improved outcomes.

Why ICG Imaging?

Being able to ‘map’ the lymphatics allows us to:

  • Offer specialist diagnosis and assessment
  • Map individual pathways
  • Allow for optimised FG-MLD®
  • Improve long term outcomes and quality of living
  • Create a bespoke mapping plan utilising your unique drainage pathways
  • Tailor a management or reduction plan around your needs and lifestyle
  • Identify early lymphatic failure
  • Identify changes and anticipate developments
  • Teach you self-management techniques you can use for life
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Is ICG Imaging Safe?

ICG has been used very safely and successfully for over 50 years. By following our unique protocols, there have never been any reported cases of adverse effects. Other lymphatic imaging techniques require radioactivity, however ICG Lymphography Imaging is not harmful and does not use radiation or require x-ray.

ICG Screening

Are you worried about Lymphoedema as a result of cancer treatment? Would you like peace of mind?

Research has found that some cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery can increase the risk of developing swelling. The earliest way to identify Lymphoedema is by being able to see your lymphatics.

By following our screening programme, changes to your lymphatics will be detected as early as possible, often before you may feel the changes yourself. Recognising the condition early is critical in preventing the long-term, more serious effects.

Lymphatic Screening can:

  • Allow for earliest treatment
  • Provide reassurance
  • Identify any problems early
  • Put you in control
  • Increase the effectiveness of MLD
  • Improve long term outcomes
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ICG Lymphatic Imaging is suitable for all types of lymphoedma, for primary or secondary oedema and for lipoedema patients.

The imaging procedure can vary slightly depending on your oedema, the extent of investigation, and which clinic you chose- please contact our team for the most accurate pricing information.

Appointments are available throughout England, we have clinic locations in Staffordshire, Cumbria and Oxfordshire.


All in all it has been immensely helpful and informative to have the fluoroscopy mapping. Jane’s expertise and knowledge is second to none and meeting her has helped me to come to terms with the condition much better. Understanding the extent of the condition has been invaluable and I feel much more confident about living/dealing with it on a daily basis.


The entire process from start to finish was incredibly informative. Jane took the time to educate me and show me the challenges of my condition and what I could do better moving forward.


My thanks to Jane for her very thorough report. It will certainly help our treatments in the future.

Kerry, Therapist

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