What are the benefits of this?

By being able to see your lymphatics on a screen, we can physically ‘map’ them. This process is know worldwide as Near Infra-red Fluroscopy Lymphatic Imaging (NIRF Lymphatic Imaging/ NIRFL Imaging) but is occasionally referred to as Indocyanine Green Lymphography (ICG Lymphograpy) or Lymphofluroscopy. This helps us to find the most effective drainage routes and problem areas. This map, along with drainage instructions can be sent to your lymphoedema therapist to help them, and you, to get the most out of your Medical Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) through more efficient results and better value from your appointments.
In addition to improved MLD, NIRFL Imaging has a host of other advantages. It can help us recognise early signs of lymphoedema, perhaps before you would notice the signs yourself. This can ensure the condition is managed effectively as soon as possible. NIRFL Imaging can also offer an assured diagnosis, confirming the cause and type of lymphoedema. This helps to confirm correct treatments are being provided.
You will also receive a specialist assessment with our Clinical Consultant, Jane Wigg. Widely regarded as a leading UK expert in lymphoedema, Jane has worked closely with, and been trained under the direct supervision, of world-renowned Professor Jean-Paul Belgrado. Professor JP Belgrado first introduced fluoroscopy to the world of lymphoedema around 5 years ago, making this assessment both cutting edge and incredibly innovative. Janes wealth of knowledge in this field may help you understand the condition more or give you a new insight.

Does it hurt?

The injection will sting, just like any other injection but this will subside in less than a minute. The mapping itself is painless.

Are there any risks?

ICG has been used for over 40 years, very safely and successfully using our protocol. With the tiny amounts used in lymphofluoroscopy (0.2ml) there have never been any reported cases of adverse effects. At a much higher dose, such as those used for measuring blood flow, very occasional instances of allergic reaction have been recorded. The injection area will look green afterwards and will stay like this for a couple of weeks. This will not cause any medical problems and your body will naturally remove the green colouration.

What’s included?

Appointments include the initial consultation followed by an assessment. You can find out more about the structure of the day here. You will also be able to meet with one of our pioneering surgeons, who will be able to discuss your suitability for a range of lymphatic surgeries ranging from lymphatico-venous anastomosis, vascularized free lymph-node transfers and liposuction. Following the assessment, comprehensive feedback will be provided to both yourself and others involved in your care. You will be sent the video recordings and an image report showing the results of your assessment and the NIRFL Imaging. In addition, you and your therapist will be sent a tailored manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) treatment plan.

What is the importance of an extended appointment?

It is important that we generate an accurate representation of your lymphatics by ensuring that all possible pathways are mapped over the necessary amount of time. If the pathways are functioning normally, the tracer moves much faster than in areas with lymphoedema. When there is a lymphatic problem the tracer can take a longer period of time and taking the time to fully map the pathways will help to ensure that any lymphatic abnormalities and draining possibilities are found. Not all NIRFL Imaging providers explore the lymphatic system to this extent so we appreciate that it can be a long day. We find that the additional time spent investigating is beneficial to both patient and therapist.

Can I bring someone to the appointment with me?

We realise it is sometimes easier to have a partner, relative or friend with you, so of course you may bring someone. For confidentiality reasons, we need your agreement that they can be part of the session, or they can wait in the waiting area. You may also bring your MLD therapist, should you wish to do so.

What will the screening program offer me?

By undergoing our screening program, we can identify your risk and early development of lymphoedema. Through this we can offer you appropriate treatment or longer term monitoring. NIRFL Imaging mapping offers the earliest identification of lymphoedema, even before you may feel its development such as a heavy arm or leg, tight rings or marks from your clothing.

How much does it cost?

We are partnered with four prestigious clinics nationwide. Each of our medical partners, whether a surgeon or consultant, will provide their own consultation as part of your mapping assessment. As each location offers a unique service the price will vary between locations. Please contact us for pricing or to discuss your requirements.

How can I book an appointment?

Appointments are available for the remainder of 2016 and early next year. To arrange an appointment please contact us by calling 0330 010 1318 or emailing clinic@lymphvision.com

Where can I find out more information?

If you are looking for more information, the best option is to give us a call and we can answer any of your questions. Alternatively, speak with your FG-MLD trained Lymphoedema therapist or you can read more online in the articles below:

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